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The Council of Churches of Greater Washington, CCGW, falls under the umbrella of the National Council of Churches in Christ in the USA which has been the leading force for ecumenical cooperation among Christians in the United States.  

CCGW, primarily has four main purposes:

1.  To promote Christianity and Christian love, cooperation and collaboration among Christian people, churches and related organizations through dedication to stimulate, facilitate and coordinate the work of the religious community to carry out the will of God in the Greater Washington, DC area.

2.  To represent Christian interests and positions on issues in the Greater Washington DC community.

3.  To minister to all people, particularly victims of injustice, i.e., liberation of every manner of oppressed people and promote Christianity and Christian love and cooperation.

4. To collectively provide services, as Jesus would have us do, in those matters and situations too difficult or awkward for a single church or person or better done communally by all working together. 


Officers and Members




Rev. Dr. James E. Terrell

Executive Vice President

Mr. Douglas Cook

Vice President of Operations

Rev. C.T. Riley

Vice President of Programs

Mrs. Susan Meehan

Vice President of Youth

Rev. James S. Terrell


Minister Delores M. Gray


Rev. Jesse J. Jackson


Board Members

Mrs. Betty Adams
Rev. Dr. Lewis Anthony
Rev. Michael Armstrong
Rev. Kip Banks
Rev. Catherine Bego
Rev. Dr. Myrtle Bowen
Rev. Robert Cheeks, Jr.
Mrs. Onra Dillard
Rev. Goodwin Douglas
Rev. Dr. Constance C. Evans
Rev. Robert Gessart
Rev. Wilbert Gray, Sr.
Rev. Thomas J. Henderson
Rev. Dr. E. Gail Anderson Holness
Rev. Robert King
Rev. John T. Mathison
Rev. Anthony J.  Motley
Rev. Dr. Winston C. Ridley
Rev. Dr. Rosetta Robinson
Rev. Donald K. Sadler
Rev. Peter Schell
Rev. Dr. Blanche Smith
Rev. James S. Terrell
Mr. Edward White
Mrs. Margaret E. Williams




CCGW projects are focused on political, social and religious issues that affect the Greater Washington area community.  Over the years, the Council has done some might good work:

  • A summer children's camping program;
  • Feeding program;
  • Representation before governmental bodies on issues important to the religious community;
  • Youth training programs;
  • Ecumenical programs for the benefit of all churches, denominations, judicatories and their members.  

In addition, a Council task force consulted a variety of people and organizations including the Mayor's (DC) Interfaith Council, the Downtown Cluster Washington Interfaith Network, Church women United, Community Ministry of Montgomery County, Archdiocese of Washington, Council Board Members, and the National Council of Churches.

They offered and more or less agreed that CCGW should:

  • Focus on Christian unity, i.e., cooperation and collaboration among religious entities,
  • Be a source for national, regional and local ecumenical networking;
  • Engage in strategic planning, recruiting and development of a sound financial footing;
  • Lobby for a seat on the National Council of Churches USA board, thus representing the Greater Washington religious community to the national religious community;
  • Strive to improve race relations;
  • Become a voice for the poor in the area;
  • Focus on women's and children's issues, employment and youth education;
  • Become an umbrella organization for dialogue on religious, social and pastoral issues;
  • Prepare and distribute a metropolitan area church directory;
  • Conduct spiritual retreats for local clergy, and promote ecumenical education;
  • Become more regional in emphasis;
  • Promote dialogue on controversial, including political issues;
  • Rebuild and heighten relations with judicatories/denominations;
  • Maintain and enhance camping and feeding programs and engage in other volunteer services in aid to betterment of the people of the Greater Washington area; and more.



Join CCGW.  Membership in the council shall be encouraged for those living or ministering in the District of Columbia, Fairfax County, Virginia Prince George's, Charles and Montgomery County, Maryland and all geographical and governmental jurisdictions within this area and the organizations they represent.  

Upon acceptance of the Council, those living or ministering in jurisdictions contiguous tot he foregoing jurisdiction may also become members of the Council.  

If you are interested, please email us with your contact information.  A representative from CCGW will contact you to discuss the details.



We encourage all to contribute money, time and effort to the benefit of the community.

Donating by Check

Please send your tax deductible contribution payable to CCGW.

Mail to 


5 Thomas Circle, NW

Washington, DC 20005

Thank you for your support!


Calendar of Events

March 6, Friday 

10:00 a.m. Church Women United, World Day of Prayer at Galbraith AME Zion Church

1114 6th Street, NW - Washington, DC 20001

March 10, Tuesday

12 noon  CCGW Board Meeting at

 National City Christian Church

March 14, Saturday

NRA Protest 

Waples Mills Road in Fairfax, VA



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Council of Churches of Greater Washington

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